The best toilet cleaner that deodorizes the toilet bowl and kills bacteria without creating harmful stances to the aquatic environment, is the tiny but mighty toilet blue block. Our toilet blue block is specially formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients like food-grade colour pigments to ensure every flushed water cleans the toilets but is not harmful to the aquatic environment. The special formulation with mild PH value flushed water definitely plumbing and septic system-safe.


Our independent laboratory test has proven that each block of toilet blue is:


Durable for soft and hard flushing water

Cleanses toilet bowl effectively and leaves no stains behind

Plumbing and septic system-safe.

Kills most of the common bacteria through every flush.



Each production batch of raw materials and chemicals goes through stringent quality checking and monitoring before the mixing process takes place. All raw materials used will record and control by trained personnel to ensure quality consistency.


Our stringent QC and QA process ensures each toilet blue cleaner produced is the same specification all the time. We have developed uniquely in house durability testing facilities for toilet blue cleaner. In the testing, we will set the automatic flushing system to run every 30 minutes and each flush will count and record in the computer system. The total flushes will be recorded for quality reference and comparison.


We provide original brand and private label manufacturing for toilet blue cleaner. Customization of product specifications and packing methods is our business strength.


With a modern warehousing facility, we are able to provide an efficient supply chain solution for the retail market and distribution business.


Our well trained logistic staff and own fleet of trucks will provide on-time delivery for local and export businesses.


Blister Pack


Color Box